What are some mind-blowing facts about Marlon Brando?

If you are a Hollywood lover, then you will be a fan of Marlon Brando. He is famous for his superb performance in the famous movie Godfather. Well, it is one of the classic movies as it impressed many people. Just name the film and people immediately recognize that how well Marlon Brando has played his character of Vito Corleone. It was not easy at all to play the role of a New York crime family, but Brando played it very well. In fact, he just gave a memorable performance in Godfather.


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Marlon Brando has been lucky enough to work on the mega projects which were successful at the end. One of his popular projects is Godfather as discussed above. Before discussing some interesting facts about Marlon Brando let’s take a look at his brief introduction.

He took birth on the day April 3, 1924, in the United States Of America. He is a film actor, director, and activist. You have heard it right he has actively worked for many causes including:

  • Civil rights movements
  • Many native American movements

Interesting facts about him:

His fans will be delighted to know about him so now let’s take a look at some interesting facts about Marlon Brando:

  • Marlon Brando’s breakfast consisted of cornflakes, cream, bananas, eggs, sausages, and pancakes with maple syrup. In simple words, he used to eat much and could not control the craving for eating.
  • It would be interesting to know for his fans that his second wife used to lock the refrigerator. But one morning she found that he had broken the lock as she saw his teeth marks on the cheese.
  • One of his girlfriends broke the ties up with him because he did not continue to fulfill his promise to lose weight. He used to eat much so it was not easy for him to stop eating and it is necessary to follow a diet plan to lose weight.
  • Marlon’s favorite snack was a pound of cooked bacon placed in bread. During the shooting of a film, he took a frog out of the pond, bite it and put it back in the pond.
  • He could eat two chickens and a pack of Pepperidge farm cookies in one sitting.
  • He used to go to the dog house at 3 am and used to eat six hotdogs in one sitting.

Marlon was the person working with whom was not easy. But indeed he was a great actor who dies in the year 2004 in the California United States at the age of 80. People will never forget his work especially his acting as a Don in Godfather.


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