Ways to keep your home looking new

Shopping in order to keep your home looking new, might be fun and easy for some but not for everyone. The excitement of bringing a new decoration piece or choosing a new paint color for a remodel can be tricky. It’s important to know that shopping for new items cannot always help in making your home look new and up to date. There are some significant home maintenance ideas that must be considered if you want to keep your home to look spotless and fresh. Moreover, in winter you can keep your home more clean and new, unlike spring or summer. As the house stays closed and less exposed to dust and dirt. However, the exterior of your home gets rough and should be taken care of like your backyard or wall paint, even your glass windows. In fact, for further window cleaning either covered with snow or not, you can read about winter window cleaning guide as well.

  1. Maintain material

Daily maintenance can of your cushioning of the sofas or furniture last quite long and stay new. All you have to do is vacuum the fabric and change sides of the cushions every time you clean your living room. If you come across spill stains, clean it right away with stain remover and hydrogen peroxide.

  1. Make furniture glow

Not polishing your wood furniture can make it look old and worn out. There are various types of polish according to wood types. Midcentury teak pieces are often finalized with oil only; simply rubbing it with teak oil every now and then can make it look new. Some of the furniture responds well to wax or a paste of wax.

  1. Care for wood counters

You can remove scratches and scrapes, even stains on your wooden kitchen counters by smoothly sanding the area. You can use food-grade mineral oil with a soft duster or a piece of cloth. You can prevent further damages by simply using wooden platters or boards for cutting.

  1. Deep clean wall-to-wall carpeting

Vacuum and spot clean your wall to wall carpeting every day. Every once in a while you can rent a steam cleaner to deep clean it. This is also one of the ways how you can give your home a face lift.

  1. Condition leather

Leather cleaners and conditioners are easy to use and provide extra care for the leather. Use them on every leather area to make it shine like new again.Click here

  1. Brighten Whites

Pillow covers, curtains, towels and more can be cleaned amazingly. Try an oxygen- or hydrogen-peroxide-based no chlorine bleach instead if you don’t want to use chlorine bleach on your whites.

  1. Stock up for proper maintenance

There are any special items that would make it easier to care for your home and belongings. You can get these if you have lots of carpeting, for example, a good steam cleaner, leather conditioner, wood oil, and furniture polish.

Home maintenance is not difficult if you keep it new every now and then by cleaning correctly. One major way to keep your house looking new is y implementing different ways to design the exterior of your home.


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