Tips For Getting The Best Wooden Watches For Ladies

When it comes to certain products and particularly for the women folks, there needs to be applied certain criterion for selection.  These points of selection can at times seem at a variance to the very purpose of the product but the underlying factor to bring out something presentable is made out in each case.  Thus when it comes to selecting wooden watches for ladies the overriding factor must always be the need to be presentable, always. wooden watches for ladies

What to look for in wooden watches for ladies

            Material: The material of construction of a watch body is what primarily sets the price of the time piece.  The sparse application of wood in watch construction much less in women’s watches bring out the novelty in the piece.  It is thus a novelty to have a watch done in wood most of the time.

            Face cover: This is what keeps the user from brushing against the dials in a watch face.  The clarity and clear appearance of the cover would at most instances depend on the price range of a time piece and nothing more.  The more up market pieces would be using the scratch proof quartz covers that could well last a life time.  The cheaper options would need rebuffing from time to time and is considered more or less a non permanent feature to a watch.

            Strap: The bracelet or strap as it is mostly called is the band of leather or such material that goes around the wrists and keeps the watch in place on the wrists.  When wooden watches are considered, it is usual practice to have the strap in a material that best suits the overall feel of the watch.  Thus bamboo is a convenient material of choice for a good many uses.  This provides continuity to the appearance as well as the feel of the watch.

But it is customary to use more convenient material like leather or satin cloth to complete the complement.  There are also instances when metallic straps are utilized for the watch straps but this is rare and often is done to make a statement.

            Movement: It is this part of a watch that gives the best ability to provide accurate time keeping property at all times. For most parts the movements are preferred that ensures an accurate rendition of time and it is the Japanese movements that are preferred for the purpose.  The economical cost as well as the accuracy of time kept is the prime reason that they are so preferred to other movements.  Usually the movements come together as the features of a watch as well. wooden watches for ladies

            Features: The prime focus of a watch is in keeping time and the rest can be taken to be the extras.  Thus for a good number of watches the extras are what sell the watches and time keeping is considered secondary.  Be it the ladies or the gents pieces, the role of the features simply cannot be missed out for their innovation and marketability of pieces.

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