Smart ways of wearing a scarf around your neck

These days we are coming across with fabulous varieties in terms of scarves for women.  Do you know about the smart ways that how can you tie them up? These scarves are no doubt one of the beautiful and yet one of the colorful accessories as well. This accessory enhances and increases the beauty of any lady. If you are wearing a scarf around
your neck then you should try out the coolest and also creative kind of techniques. This slip knot style, turtleneck style, and waterfall knot style have become quite popular.

Slip Knot scarf style

It is one of the easiest and yet one of the classic ways to tie up the scarf around your neck portion. For these formal outings, this slip knot is usually tried by girls. To make this knot, first, you have to make the half folding of your scarf and then just put it rightly around your neck. Then you will be pulling up both of its open ends right into shape of a loop. This is all, adjust your scarf in a comfortable way and wear it with convenience. You will be leaving the
not just loosely around your neck.

Styling a scarf in Turtle Neck form

Another fabulous way to style your scarf is to wear it in turtle neck form. For this, you have to sprawl up your scarf right over on your neck. Its end should be notably and much greater. Now just twirl your scarf and have it around your neck. You have to do this twirling about two to three times in the same direction.  Now for fixing this twirl
of your scarf, you have to tie a very simple knot and then you have to tie another knot. Place both of these knots right beneath the side of scarf loop.

To style up these head scarves for women, we will share ideas with you. It is the time to flaunt your handmade wool scarf as much as you can. Wear these scarves by showing class and level of yours.

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