How to save money these days see some tips

I do not know where my money ends. And by that, I do not mean that I spend too much money on useless things. I spent months – maybe even a whole year – without consulting my bank account. It’s a lot easier for me to start from the fact that I’m forever broke rather than risk my account in the red. Only recently have I decided to face my fears and monitor the save money I have left – for other things besides my rent, food, and occasional drinking.

According to people far more adult than me, keeping your accounts and putting money aside will not only allow you to avoid a sad fate made of ready-made meals and frozen pizzas. It can lead you to self-fulfillment – at least, Ryan Howell, a professor at San Francisco State University who has studied the relationship between saving money tips and personal satisfaction during the last ten years.

“To put it simply, the more debt you owe to your bank, the less you will enjoy your optional expenses,” he told me. “To be happy, you need to make sure you’re financially stable – and manage your debts – and then use your extra resources to get closer to your friends and family. This is the simplest way for money to lead to happiness. ”

That said, I thought it was time to understand where my money was going. I asked a few experts to give me tips to master me, before setting a goal to put money aside and access happiness.

Why young people do not save
I am currently hampered by the repayment of my student loan, which prevents me from saving a decent amount of money. The rest of my pay goes into more or less useful stuff that allows me to get a little head of the water. I want to save money, but I do not have enough resources for that.

But of course, being in debt is not the only thing that keeps young people from putting money aside. For example, Howell told me that while studies have shown that life experiences can make people happy, young adults tend to spend their money on things or consumer goods to look cool.

“Unfortunately, people in their 20s introduce themselves to others through their material goods – a certain brand of clothing, for example,” he explained. “In San Francisco, no buddy under the age of 30 has a PC – they all have Macs. ”

“Young people have trouble imagining when they will be too old to work, or where they will need money to buy a house. Their days are passing at an alarming rate, and their economies are stagnating

Some people also make fun of people who save, starting from the idea that anyone who does not slap all his saved money in debauchery parties misses his youth. A psychologist who runs a program for compulsive buyers, there is a reason why young people live in this ridiculous state of mind.

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