Doing The Last Sweep Before Moving Out

Cleaning The Exterior:

As a matter of fact, EOT Cleaning is very important before moving out. So for that reason you should pursue the following steps:

  • Take Away Any Items You Have Left Outside:

This may take in hanging embellishments such as the bird feeders or chimes, personal deck chairs or kids’ toys.

  • If You Have A Backyard Then Cut The Grass And Pull The Weeds:

If you done cleaning the interior of the home early, center on the backyard, pulling any hefty weeds and cleaning up plunged leaves. The interior of the home must be your priority, but you will get extra points from the property-owner for looking out of the backyard also.

  • Hose Down And Sweep The Balcony Or Porch:

Scrub the veranda steps with soap and a hardwearing brush. On the concrete patio, for deeper clean, use some dish soap on the floor and rub it into the concrete using a broom, then wash it off again using the hose. For a mineral deck, employ a milder solution of one cup of soap crystals or brown soap in a pail of water and pour it on the deck, rubbing it in using a broom.

  • Sweep Out The Garage”

Take away any remaining things stored here and clean the floor scrupulously. Open the gate and spray down the ground, pointing the hose toward the open gate than the home.

Doing The Last Sweep:

Before moving out you should also do the last sweep. Pursue the following steps for this purpose:

  • Take Out The Garbage:

First and foremost you should remove the garbage. Check in the bedrooms and bathrooms and under the sink so you don’t fail to spot any bags.

  • Take Out Screws, Nails And Tacks From The Walls:

You can utilize gear like a cat’s paw or hammer, or cautiously pull out slack nails using your hands. Mend any fissures by putting a small amount of frivolous spackle on a putty knife or your finger and flattening it onto the fissure. Remove excess with your fingers and let it sit for one hour.

  • Cautiously Clean All The Switches, Light Fixtures, And Outlets:

While carrying out the EOT Cleaning, you should warily clean all of the switches, light fixtures, and outlets. Clean off any dirt marks or fingerprints using a rag and some sterilizer cleaner.

  • Vacuum Or Mop The Entire Home:

After that, vacuum or mop your entire home. Begin from the farthest part of the home and work your way to the main entrance in order that you don’t saunter on the unsoiled floor.

  • Take A Photo Of The Emptied, Cleaned House:

This will confirm that the house is in good repair and clean if the property-owner or new occupant reports an issue later. Make certain that the phone or camera records the time and date that the photo was taken.


  • Heed the safety cautions on the cleaning solutions and also wear rubber gloves so that you can keep any malevolent substances off your skin.
  • Utilize solutions that are safe for the kind of stuff you’re cleaning.

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