Bags of various designs, shapes, looks and sizes adorn store shelves

Most of them contain food products. Some of these bags also contain other products like home care material, kitchen care material, personal care products, beauty products, electronics etc. The design of the bag depends to a large extent on the type of product it is packaging. But it also depends on a lot of other factors such as storage space, ease of handling etc. Manufacturers mostly use a ถุงซิปล็อค to pack food products that do not need refrigeration.



The re-sealable zip closure in such bags offer moderate protection against moisture and air. These are safe for packaging food, but not for refrigeration. There is aluminum foil lamination on the inner surface which puts up barrier against light, oxygen and moisture. The foil also makes it heat sealable. Apart from the resealable zip closure, it has hanging holes and tear notches. The material is food grade, recyclable, durable and sturdy. You can get these bags mostly in stand up pouches. Some of these pouches have a clear window for the consumer to have a look at the product. These bags are mostly used for packaging products like coffee, nuts, tea, dry fruits, beans etc. The benefit of such packaging is that you can quickly wrap and unwrap them.Also it needs less time to package food in such packs.



There are various types of such bags which include high clarity PP zip bag, standard LDPE zip bag, stand up zipper pouch, sliding zip closure, zip handle produce bag etc. You can get them in completely transparent, partially transparent as well as completely opaque varieties.


The use of aluminum foil in containers

Aluminum foils impart special character to packs. They make packaging heat sealable and resistant to an array of weather elements including moisture, light, odour and Oxygen. Owing to these properties manufacturers use foils mostly for manufacturing zippered as well as other packaging pouches and bags. They also use these bags for storing electronic and electrical equipment.


Metalized pouches

Apart from aluminum foil laminated pouches, there are some other types of pouches. These are known as metalized pouches and are made from polymers. We call them metalized since manufacturers add a layer of metal such as Chromium, Aluminum or Nickel on the thin layers of polymer. These are commonly known as polypropylene or polyethylene tetraphlate pouches.


Benefits of metalized pouches

These pouches or bags are better than aluminum foil laminated ถุงซิปล็อคs. This is because they put up stronger resistance to elements like moisture, oxygen, light and odor. They can protect food products longer than zippered pouches laminated with aluminum foil. This means that they are better at protecting food products than ถุงซิปล็อคs.

Other packs

Packaging comes in different forms. You can get tetrahedron packs which are mostly used for storing milk and fruit juices. You can also get Ziplock flat bottom pouches, PE bags, canvas bags with zippered bottom etc. Moreover, You can get these bags in different finishes. Manufacturers use different raw material like plastic, metal foils, paper etc to produce these material.


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